Welcome to a glimpse of my life...

hope you like what you read.


Monday November 9th, 2020

it's been a while. i've been so disinterested in pretty much everything. but, ive been doing a lot of good things.

i moved! i'm also in a relationship now, lol. and before that, i got my heartbroken(but i got good dick out of it so whatever????)

anyway, im still in my rut. i don't feel like talking to people or being productive most of the time. i've been thinking about dying a lot more as well, not actively trying to do it- but just thinking about the outcome,

and if it'd be a good idea for me to just flat out do it. i'm a coward though, lmao, it's never gonna happen. anyway!! biden won(: bitch im happy asf lmao,

hopefully he can reverse this covid mess trump caused. i miss life, i barely see my boyfriend because of my anxiety.

Saturday July 11th, 2020

so quarantine is killing me, legitimately. im immunocomprimised so there isn't much i can do, that plus i have a major back injury.

my boss ultimately had me choose between coming back to work or wuitting, so i quit !!!! fun !!!! im jobless for the second

summer in a row !!! i miss being around people i miss drugs and i miss being distracted from all the shit in my head. i legit

just turned 20 this year, never thought i would make it to this age but im here and for the past 4 months i've just been laying

around, wanting to end myself, flirting w random dudes on bumble for a week and then getting annoyed, and crying constantly

over my back and just life in general !!!! i feel so broken and alone and flawed literally my exsistence is nothing !!!!!!!!!

i hate it so MUCH